Re: 7K series - Conceptual question - What's the 3rd most useful plugin


The 7D22 is great for low frequency stuff, there isn't much that I'd
rather use to measure small signals, even today.
Same circuit as the AM502. For some reason I find myself using that
far more often than the 7A13 (or DA1855 at work).

The 7D20 is also still a useful, if very basic, digital scope. I'd
fire that up above the fully analog mainframe any day.

Looks like you need not only something to fill that slot Fabio, but
also another mainframe to put on top ;-)


On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 6:37 PM fiftythreebuick <ae5i@...> wrote:

Hi Fabio-

I would definitely recommend a 7A13. I keep a pair of those in the 7623A that's on my bench and I find them extremely useful and versatile. The later ones have a digital display of the offset voltage. When you need DC coupling AND the ability to see a very small signal riding on top of a large DC voltage, the 7A13 really shines. For checking ripple/stability of a power supply rail, as well.


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