TDS210, schematic and parts required.

Graham Butcher

I have 3 of these TDS210 digital scopes, all are now working OK after I replaced the main board in that had acquisition problems, it kept failing at boot time, so I purchased another from Ebay.

I have hunted high and low looking a for schematic for these and cannot find anything. I have the service and the owners manuals that I found on line. Does anyone know where I might be able to get a schematic from as I'd like to try and repair the old board and keep as a spare?

I also would like to source 2 of the screws that hold the front and back casings together at the top, 2 rubber feet from the back and the 2 from the front and one of the smaller knobs for the top row of encoders and one of the tubular grounding springs/braid that goes between the main PCB and the casing please.

Regards Graham

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