Re: Desoldering Iron, was Re: [TekScopes] 466-464 stray wire


I'm trying to ascertain if my unit is faulty, not trying to change my
working habits.
It's a shared space for ~5 guys working on various things, from
development stuff to office tasks, including phone calls.
Despite the fairly large room it's very disturbing, even on the other
end (~20m away).
Even if I was just working by myself at home this level of noise would
be a no-go, it's like a vacuum cleaner.

I can't see how this is OK even in a production environment, unless it
was very loud with hearing protection worn anyway.

As for making a venturi work quietly, you just put a silencer on the
output, it is quite simple.
Sure you need to use one that doesn't put up much flow resistance, but
that's all.
The chinese station sucks about -0.8 bar, the Metcal about -0.6 bar,
so less blocked-off vacuum, I will do exact measuremetns and flow
tests tomorrow.
I'll also play around with some sound dampening material, but as it
is, it's going back for sure.


On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 5:46 PM EricJ via Groups.Io
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I'm not quite sure how a venturi desoldering iron could work very well without making more than 60dbA. I almost have that much background noise in my house with fans and refrigerator running. Even a very very quiet library is 40+ish dbA. How does your Chinese unit WORK compared to the Metcal? I guess to me, the sound level just isn't objectionable, but then I spent more time in heavy industrial manufacturing environment than in quiet offices - for decades. Not sure how the conversation is applicable - if you're working you shouldn't be doing much talking. Is this not a working space? And desoldering is normally a couple quick bursts and you're done. Total cumulative time the air is flowing is seconds per joint. If you don't like it, guess it's just not for you.

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