Re: Desoldering Iron, was Re: [TekScopes] 466-464 stray wire

Bruce Lane

Mine works exactly the same way, but it doesn't seem overly loud to me.
Granted, I never measured it with a sound level meter (as, apparently,
you have), but I never felt the need to.

You might have it operating at too high a pressure. It should be right
around 100PSI, even. I would also check to make sure all the filters,
are clean, all the seals are present and working (there's a fat 'o-ring'
style seal around the desolder tip and a perimeter gasket lining the top
half of the collection chamber), and the venturi itself isn't cracked or

I hope that helps.

On 06-Sep-18 05:21, stefan_trethan wrote:
Based on your recommendation I now have a demo unit of the Metcal
MX5210 here, with the MX-DS1 desoldering gun.
But there is a problem with it - it is incredibly loud, measured at 95dB(A).
I have the correct pressure and everything installed per the
instructions, but surely this can't be right.
The venturi exhausts directly into the handle, which is completely
empty, no silcencer of any kind, and the air comes out via a slot into
your palm which seems odd too.

Please let me know if your MX-DS1 is built the same, or if there
should be some kind of silencer in the handle which is missing on
mine. The sound level is completely unacceptable, not just for
co-workers but also for the operator, 95dB is mandatory hearing
protection level loud...


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