Re: 7K series - Conceptual question - What's the 3rd most useful plugin


On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 04:08 AM, Harvey White wrote:

I do like the 7CT1N
So do I. I sold mine, for the following reasons:
- I have both a 576 and 577 dedicated curve tracer
- A while ago I bought a "home-made" 5CT1N-like module (yes, for the 5000-series), designed and built by an ex-Tek employee. The 5CT1N module, having no readout (hence -N), exists for the non-readout, slow 5000 mainframes but this one is equipped with read-out functionality, built with 7000-readout components. This allows digital, on-screen readout for step, horizontal /div. and vertical /div. All hand-wired, no copper traces! Multi-position switches instead of pots for selection.


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