Re: TekScopes Policy Regarding Contacting Members Off-List


Dennis Tillman W7PF
Aug 30 #150747

Hi Dave,

"The internet is rapidly eroding the privacy of individuals everywhere on earth. Each of our members is entitled to the protections of, and governed by, their nation's privacy laws. But we are an organization comprised of members worldwide so it may be unclear what is allowed and not allowed. Another way to summarize what I was trying to say would be this:"

We hope that the revelation of email addresses is not abused. However as long as non-members can view, we cannot trust them. If someone doesn't get it right and say make a new email for this, they are vulnerable. Luckily, this is not Facespace or Mybook or any of that. Personally I got to the point where I do not care, and that is because I get very little spam. I found out where it came from and took care of it. Now I am getting spammed by the Trump people, and while I do support him to some extent I am not ready to "join". And they all do that. Trump didn't some other whatever entity did it.

I got more spam from places that are "safe" than "unsafe" except for a few.

"Becoming a member of TekScopes does not give a member permission to contact another member outside of TekScopes without prior permission."

OK, then it reconciles with what you said about taking some things off group. So if someone is selling something, well first of all we don't need to know the details, especially if they use Paypal or something like that. We REALY don't want that info in the open forum because it is not secured. And I am not bitching about that, it is good for people with a genuine interest in Tek etc. to find us, and interesting and join. Even if they have stuff to sell, WE WANT IT. But the details of the sale go private. Sounds good to me.

"Dennis Tillman W7PF"

Yes sir, you are pretty good at this.

I have not read the rest of the responses yet, but I will and be back with whatever. Then you can take it or leave it.

For some reason this quoting thing is not working well for me, might be my browser, but whatever.

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