Re: Tek 466 analog storage


On Sun, Sep 2, 2018 at 06:15 AM, Paul B. wrote:

Hi all,

I'm really not very familiar at all with these exotic beasts. I'm powering up
a 466 (early version) slowly from a variac (they used a linear supply on
these) and at about one-half mains voltage I'm seeing a green glow on the
screen and that's all. I would guess by time I get to full mains this glow is
going to be *extremely* bright and that can't be right (the intensity control
doesn't make any difference, btw). What should I expect to see when powering
up a 466? It's been laying around for many years without being powered up at
all. I'm not giving it any input at this stage for obvs reasons; just want to
check it's not a junker before spending money on it.

I would think that using a variac a1/2 voltage would cause some oddities. Other more experienced members will weigh in im sure.

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