Resend: WTB: standard Tek cabinet for 602 or 17xx series; also 602 knob



I sent the following to the list a while back and didn't hear anything,
so I'm trying again, just in case. :-)

Having acquired a couple of panel-less X-Y scopes, I'd like to obtain
the one-piece metal cabinet which appears to be a standard size across
the Tek range.

About 5" x 8 1/4" x 16 3/4", I believe it is referred to as the Case or
Cabinet Assembly, part numbers 1700F00 or 1700F02 for the 17xx range.

Even better would be the 602 part, 390-0018-01.

Also looking for 602 knob, 366-0392-01.

I thought I'd check with the list first to see if someone had a spare
cabinet. Otherwise I'll have to raid surplus stores.

Related: Does anyone need (clean, but currently untested) 1720 boards or
spare parts? Details or tests on request...

Thanks in advance


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