Re: 7L5 display dimming



Thanks for your help.

1. The cursor is displayed normally with Display A+B turned on, and is at the same level as the spectrum display. Ditto when either A or B is displayed by itself.

2. With all digital storage turned off, so all you see is the cursor, the cursor is considerably brighter, but still not as bright as when the adjacent 7A18A is selected. I don't know what 'cursor knob becomes baseline clipper' means, but I can see that twiddling the baseline clipper knob changes where the cursor starts displaying from in the vertical axis.

3. Selecting a timebase plugin in the B compartment causes a considerably brighter (but of course incoherent) display, becoming visible at 11 o'clock and usable at 12 o'clock of the intensity control, instead of 3 o'clock when the 7AL5 is selected for B. The 7A18A is usable from between 10-11 o'clock.

4 Selecting Display A or B has no effect on brightness. Selecting both A+B is slightly brighter than either A or B by itself, but there's not much in it.

5. You didn't ask, but the averaged display below the baseline clipper line is the same brightness as the non-averaged display above it.


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