Re: TekScopes Policy Regarding Contacting Members Off-List

Joel R Kist

Everyone; When you all get done I hope someone posts what we are doing
regarding contacting other members reading all of these emails has gotten me
terrible confused. If it matters anyone can contact me for any reason I
welcome the camaraderie.

Joel STS (SS) Many years ago.

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I don't think it's off-topic in this case, since it was started by the
admin. However, I'm pretty sure many of you guys are taking it completely
the wrong way. I'm fairly certain the policy statement was intended to
discourage the unscrupulous from contacting members directly regarding
something that isn't related to Tek Scopes or similar friendly discussion.
Pretty sure there would be no problem directly emailing someone about a Tek
question or something like that. The intent, I believe, was to say there
should be no direct emails about trying to sell someone something unrelated
or advertise unrelated services etc. I doubt there are any members here who
would be bothered by a fellow member contacting them directly regarding
technical questions about Tektronix equipment, any other equipment,
technical know-how, etc.

The EU has reworked their privacy laws and applied them to every one
in the EU.

In the US, companies that do business with the EU have followed that

How much this applies US to US communications is debatable, but yahoo
and other companies have done a blanket change to their "privacy"
policies to reflect the EU.

From then on, it's up to someone else to decide.


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I think we have all pushed a topic not related to Tektronix equipment
too far.  It is high time to put a meaningless discussion to rest.

The solution, to me, is obvious.  If you want to be contacted off forum
put your email address and name on your listing in a prominent location.

If you value your privacy in your remote cabin 20 miles from your
nearest neighbor, omit your email address!

Reed Dickinson

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