Re: TekScopes Policy Regarding Contacting Members Off-List

Richard Knoppow

If you own the list you can invent whatever rules you like. However, I think this one does not quite make sense and should be rethought. For one thing I suspect it violates the rights of communication. While this may apply only in the U.S. (maybe) I am not sure you have any right to control whom the members of your list can communicate with off list. I doubt if anyone would sue for violation of their civil rights for being tossed from this list but I think it remains possible. I would certainly consult with an attorney who is familiar with civil rights law before trying to enforce your rule. I suspect a lot of members here find this is not quite logical as stated. I doubt if it could stand up as a protection of the right of privacy; after all e-mail addresses are not secret, at least not many. Even those from "free" sources such as Yahoo or HotMail can be written to so are not secret although the subscribers may have another "real" address that is not made public.

On 8/30/2018 10:46 PM, Dennis Tillman W7PF wrote:
Hi Dave,
If you feel something specific may have prompted this I am sorry to disappoint you. This was something I felt important to make crystal clear.
The internet is rapidly eroding the privacy of individuals everywhere on earth. Each of our members is entitled to the protections of, and governed by, their nation's privacy laws. But we are an organization comprised of members worldwide so it may be unclear what is allowed and not allowed. Another way to summarize what I was trying to say would be this:

"Becoming a member of TekScopes does not give a member permission to contact another member outside of TekScopes without prior permission."
Dennis Tillman W7PF
Richard Knoppow

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