Re: TekScopes Policy Regarding Contacting Members Off-List

Richard Knoppow

It's certainly a commendable philosophy to protect the privacy of members, however, the return address in the header is used when one clicks on "Respond All" or whatever its called in your mail client. The address of the sender is right there. Also some members, like me, include an e-mail address as part of our signatures.
I think the purpose of the response is important. Certainly something meant is pure advertising is undesirable and anything insulting should result in the senders being removed from the list (I've have very occasionally gotten such messages but they are rare). Some members just don't want the extra messages.

On 8/28/2018 10:27 AM, Dennis Tillman W7PF wrote:
TekScopes respects the privacy rights of its members. Those privacy rights
may be governed by their country's laws, and / or by your own country's
Email addresses, when included in the header of a post are for reference
only. They may not be published or "harvested" by any means. They may not be
used to contact someone directly, off list, unless you have their prior
Richard Knoppow

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