Re: Is it possible to get an eye diagram on a TDS784?


Yes it's definitely possible on TDS7xx. It's a bit better on the later versions (i.e. 7xxD vs 7xxA) because InstaVu was improved to include grading. Intensity is visible through color mapping. You want to trigger on only one waveform, then change horizontal position to 3-5 events further down the line and use your persistence adjustment to fine tune your eye. 
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You really should have active data if you want a worst case eye diagram.
Intersymbol interference, jitter and line reflections will vary depending
on the data. Assuming your data has 2 or more states, transitions at fixed
intervals,is random and has some sort of preamble that is fixed, you can
trigger on one edge in the preamble and then look at the eye later down the
data where it is random and see the worst case with a long persistence
setting. I don't know if this will work for your data. Hold off may help
triggering where you want.



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InstaVu seems like the right place to start, but I don't know a way to
trigger properly (on both edges). Has anyone done this on this vintage

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