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On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 04:14 AM, Roy Morgan wrote:

You should/must get a copy of the 1998 Tek Manual ; Troubleshooting Your Oscilloscope ; Getting Down to Basics, 068-0315-00. It is one of our Bibles

Ah I did find it at:
That version has 94 pages though the last page is numbered 88.
That would be the scan I made about 14 years ago and made available to this group:

It then has spread to various sites for free download which is OK. But it's annoying is that
it often comes up for sale on eBay. The original is off course in Letter format but for some
reason my scanner was set to A4 format leaving a white field at the bottom if each page.
Since then I have rescanned the whole manual with a better scanner and in the correct format:

BTW, it's from 1989 not 1998


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