Re: Tek 549 storage board anomaly

Sebastian Garcia

Thanks. Here's rev. "PE" picture:

The technically-commented revision history should be in the IRB for the '549. Hopefully available in VintageTek's microfiche database.


Rajesh VS wrote:

Thanks Sebastian,

Interesting, Mine as well as the one Kurt posted back in 2008 have
marking "PC"
Both have (c) of 1965.

Pics here -

The one in Manual is PB,mine is PC, and what you have is PE,

So I assume there is manual for later Revs and possibly a PD board too ?
. . .

On Tue, Aug 7, 2018 at 12:32 AM, Sebastian Garcia <sg-listas@...>
Thank you, Rajesh. Yes it seems so, as this one is #5202 (Portland

The mod has been done in 1965, as both the board picture in the available
manuals and my physical board have printed "1965" in a copper/gold area.
The figure shows also the "PB" inscription, while this physical board
shows "PE". A revision version?

For reference, the mentioned picture is the following:
- (BAMA manual, S/N 1408) Fig. 4-16 in page 4-11 (with a typo in the
overlay label for R1185).
- ( manual) Fig. 4-15 in page 4-10.
Both manuals are available on Kurt's site.


Rajesh VS wrote:

just for reference, I DO see R1185 in my 549, Scope Serial # - 001295.
May be the change happened in later Revs?

. . .
On Mon, Aug 6, 2018 at 8:39 PM, Sebastian Garcia <sg-listas@...>
Hi, I know this is an old post, but same puzzle here.

Trimpot R1185 and nearby flood-gate related components (appearing in the
available PDF manuals) aren't physically present in my storage board (dated

Any clues on the storage circuits evolution of this model?


Tim Phillips <tim@...> 06/20/10 #49860
from Tim P (UK)

I am trying to cal a 549 storage 'scope ser# 701529
The manual refers to FG cathode level R1195, but
on this instrument this pot does not exist. In fact
it appears to have never existed on this storage board
(dated 1965). Both my manual and the BAMA one show it
(sectn 6-45 and the schematic) There must be another
manual with a different cal procedure. Anyone have any
insights ?
many thanks (confused) Tim P

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