Re: 464-466 w/dm44


On Fri, Aug 3, 2018 at 04:26 PM, Fabio Trevisan wrote:

I did hear once, from someone of this group, there was two versions of the A5 Sync board... one that used the Tunnel Diodes, and another one which used a
Custom Tek IC to discriminate the trigger edge. I`m not sure, but maybe this is what the -01 means...
I've never landed my eyes, however, on a schematic of the latter, or a later manual that included both.
The IC controlled Trigger board as well as other improvements was introduced at SN B200000. The Service manuals 464 / 070-4795-00 and 466 / 070-4796-00 are for B020000 and up.
Before that SN the Trigger board could be 670-3324-00 through -03. If I interprete the RPR (Replaceable Parts Record) correctly, and it could be wrong, only -02 or -03 would work
with DM44. Although no SN limits are given in the RPR there are in DM44 instruction sheet so it is probably right.

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