7L5 early version (SN below B069999) Mod FB for 7854 compatibility

Nenad Filipovic

Hi Everybody,

Chance had it that most of the time I spent on my 7L5 went into fixing,
calibrating, adapting... rather than actual use. But this is about to
change as I'm (hopefully) done with all the upgrades and (at the moment)
fairly satisfied with the result.

I compiled a set of instructions on how to modify the older 7L5 for
compatibility with the 7854 mainframe and uploaded them to the group's file
section at:

Many of the issues covered apply to later 7L5s as well, so I suppose anyone
using a 7L5 in 7854 might be interested to read the document.

Of course, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Best Regards,
Nenad Filipovic

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