Re: Tektronix DM5010 NiCa 2.4V battery replacement

Tom Gardner

On 21/07/18 19:40, anotherlin@... wrote:
Hi everyone,

I need to replace the backup battery of a DM5010. It has leaked but I cleaned up the mess.
The service manual specifies a Nickel Cadnium 2.4V 150mAH at 14mA.

So far, I was able to find (on Mouser) a 2.4V 110mAH (
Does it meet specification? In particular, we have 0.11AH vs 0.15AH.

I've absolutely no experience with rechargeable batteries. So I welcome your help.
One point to be aware of is how it is charged. If a cell is charged too fast or for too long, it will be damaged.

An "intelligent" charger will determine when a cell is fully charged, and stop charging. Frequently a backup battery does not have an intelligent charger, but simply "trickle charges" the cells all the time it is connected to the mains.

So you probably need to determine the trickle charging current in the circuit, and compare that with the datasheet's spec. In the absence of more specific information, it is usual to assume than trickle charging at "C/10" is OK, which would be 11mA for a 110mAh cell.

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