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Jim Ford

Ah, the HP 54503A must be similar to the 400 MHz 54504A DSO that we have
unused in the storage area at work. Came from a power supply vendor who
went out of business, but we have more modern Tek TDS3034's and 3054's
to do the job it used to do, and theyr'e easily portable to boot. The
hardware lead said he wants the 54504A thrown in the trash. I said,
don't do that, give it to me for my garage lab! Would be nice to have a
digital sampling scope to "stop time". Analog scopes like my 7904, 7603
(still working on nursing that one back to health), and 5103N/D10 are
great, but since I don't want to fool with analog storage scopes, I
don't have a way to get screen persistence. Until the lab manager fills
out the paperwork - the bane of those who work for big companies like me


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The 2440 can be a real craps shoot. I had one on the shelf for many
years that was failing self tests so bad that it would never boot to
even crippled functionality. One of the failures, as I recall, was one
of the custom ADC chips. Since I already had a 500mhz HP 54503A & a
Tek485, I sold the 2440 off as a parts mule.
I remember opening it several times trying to muster the energy to fix
it. I remain to this day amazed at the quantity of thru hole ICs on all
4 sides ! Hats off to those who are willing to work on these scopes!

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