R7103 Available (Re: [TekScopes] Looking at a broken 2440)


Speaking of the 7104 I have a very nice R7103 ( rack mount 3 slot version of 7104) that as Harvey says I no longer wonder why I need it .....I dont!!

_*Make an offer*_ , pick up ONLY in Tampa FL area. Includes 7A29, 7A19 and 7B92A P-I's. I will NOT SHIP ..dont ask


On 7/19/2018 9:47 PM, Harvey White wrote:
On Thu, 19 Jul 2018 14:02:28 -0700, you wrote:

I think I'm going to pass it up. I need to start being selective on my scope choices. I think my next scope will be one I really want. Which is a 2467 or 7104 with a MCP CRT.
I have a 7104. I use it only when I need the MCP or the 1 GHZ
bandwidth. That requires either a direct coax input or a 1 GHz probe
(and, for that matter, something where the bandwidth is needed).

Having one, I wouldn't give it up. Not having one, I'd wonder if I
need it. (mostly my use would be digital stuff, and looking at pulses
there. I've got an HP 16702B that helps here).


On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 01:23 PM, goran parezanovich wrote:

Personally I would offer less - in addition to power supply caps and
possible damage to the traces under the caps there is a possibility
that the NVRAMs will have to be changed ( dead batteries ) .

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?I'm looking at a 2440 that won't power on for $85. Worth it or not?
What is
the likelihood of just power supply issues and no IC problems?
Thanks fellas


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