Re: Looking at a broken 2440

Craig Cramb

The 2400 series digital are pretty cool. What I’ve dealt with over the years of repairing them is yes the NVRAM batteries can be failed which adds up to replacement recalibrate. . But rebuilding the PS isnt too bad. You just need all the caps. Disassemble the scope remove PS module. Disassemble the rack assembly from off the PS and then replace the caps. Yes this is a process but can work out ok. The other issue with the 2400 digital I have dealt with is the CRT being shorted out. So right now I have 4 2400 digital scopes with shorted CRT removed and disposed of. So buying a cheap scope thinking repair will be apiece of cake isn’t always true. Many hours of work and unobtainable parts can be required to fix. Which is now you have to buy two scopes to maybe fix one. I currently have a nice working 2467 in my inventory if you are deciding to go another route.

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