Re: OT: Scopes and other electronics on "The Outer Limits"


On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 07:22 PM, Michael A. Terrell wrote:

That so called radio station looked like something from what 'Sanford & Son'
would have tossed out.
Yeah. It was a small town AM radio station with maybe 10,000 watts. What gets me is how he pushed microwaves through that tower that was clearly not built for it, and at a strength to reach pretty far into outer space. Oh, and no propagation delay either.

I like picking scifi apart like that. Some say I overanalyse but I say they underanalyse.

I've actually written a bit of scifi and it is not easy to create new futuristic science. I can't reveal it because of reasons, but I got good reviews on it. And then the timeline. I ran out of timeline. I had to go back and change things, pain in the (_|_).

I had a half decent science background, but many authors don't. The depend on research and whatever, themselves or assistants.

But all in all I think scifi is a good thing. I mean real scifi, not this magic bullshit like Harry Potter. I consider the pollution. But if kids watch real scifi it can stimulate their interest in real science. I can't say for sure if that happened to me but I think it likely.

My story ? A guy wakes up 396 years on the future. He is a kinky person and an engineer. After more contemporary education he is again and engineer and does well financially. He takes 2 Wives, and each give him 2 kids. And what brought him to the future had nothing to do with time travel, it was suspended animation. After 396 years they did figure out time travel.

i was like in another world when I was writing it. And I had to read what I wrote the day before to keep continuity. I know how difficult it can be to write really good scifi, and I don't consider what I wrote all that good. OK but not great.

If I bored you with this, sorry, but this is an off topic non political thread so I figure I have some license here.

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