Re: OT: Scopes and other electronics on "The Outer Limits"


On Sun, Jul 15, 2018 at 08:45 AM, David Hess wrote:

They were using stories from actual science fiction writers. Larry
Niven wrote Inconsistent Moon which was episode 12 of season 2.
AAAAHHHH, I think I remember that one. the guy from Family Ties was on it and he was a scientist who figured the sun had gone nova, but it turned out to be a solar flare. He had the hots for this Woman and was a bit shy to approach her but when he thought the world was gong to end he went for her. She got a little bit miffed over that but got over it. the shockwave at the speed of sound hit them and the flare did kinda FUBAR the Earth but it did not kill everyone. he was kinda thinking when he wanted to cook all the food they had because the utilities were bound to go off.

It had a bit more of a human touch than I prefer in scifi but not too bad. Even with Star Trek, which I cut my teeth on, the ones that are like a soap opera are not my favorite to say the least. I don't really even watch DS9 because of that. not that it is bad, it is just not my taste.

When I was a kid, 7 when it came out nobody was allowed to talk when it was on. We had the choice, shut up, outside or hell broke loose, maybe locked in a closet or something. My Parents were not really abusive at all. Tough, but then so was I. But the olman was allowed to talk and he made some jokes about it that literally had me on the floor rolling in laughter. I mean to the point where I missed part of the show. But they did reruns so all was not lost.

That series was great, as well as some that followed, but I have to say, the new Outer Limits actually beat them.

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