Re: OT: +19.5 V connector on laptop computers


They do seem to be approaching some modicum of standardization finally. My sister had 2 laptops different brands and the power supplies were interchangeable, and my Gateway supply runs them as well. They are all about 19 volts and it seems the polarity has been matching. I noticed an older Gateway adapter would not work on my newer Gateway and I suspect it is because it pulls more current. Maybe not running but it might charge faster. The diameter of the whole thing is the same but the pin in the middle is larger.

Right now I have the whole Toshiba motherboard for sale but you don't want it for just that. It works so I don't want to turn it into a parts mule. the older laptop is going to be my music server on the garage if I can ever get the wireless to work on it. you might look around for a laptop that has been dropped or something, you are not going to do mass production, right ?

Another idea might be a music store that sells electric, they likely also have effects pedals and many of them run of a wall wart. I worked at a music store like that for a bit and they had 2 boxes full of wall warts, one box of AC and one box of DC. they migth have some pedals that they can't fix. You can just try the plug, not even powering it up. The voltage doesn't matter, as long as it makes the connection.

Also for a one off (that's what engineers call them I think) you can just cut the wire and put on any connector you please.

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