Re: Stopping Lights from Strobing

Richard Knoppow

I found instructions for repairing LED household light bulbs on You Tube. Don't have the links handy. Pry off the top and replace the bad LEDs inside with good ones from another failed bulb. Not that much work but aside from being a curiosity not worth the time.
I have a number of LED lamps, LADWP sends me free ones every so often. Biggest problem is that they are somewhat larger than the incandescent lamps they replace and don't quite fit into some older lamps.

On 7/15/2018 12:08 PM, Artekmedia wrote:
So far I have not had great luck with LED replacement bulbs built by CREE sold by one of the big box hardware stores. I used to send them back and get replacements  under warranty but as David says when you figure in the value of your time at the current lower prices it is not worth the effort. I took one of the 100W (equivalents) by Cree apart and found an amazing amount of engineering, There is a three terminal device in there, at least a dozen SMT resistors & diodes , a whopping big 33uf/350V electrolytic and a couple of dipped leaded silver micas, a small transformer even. Their is a tear down review of the 60W version here.
Richard Knoppow

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