Re: OT: LED lamp bulbs at ridiculously low prices at (some) Costco stores

Richard Knoppow

I have both LED and CF lamps here. I can see some strobing from the CF but none from the LEDs. Perhaps they use a high frequency. There are different types, for instance some cars have LED brake and rear lamps. I can see strobing on some and not on others.
Fluorescent lamps strobe. When I was a kid they gave me a headache. I could see the strobing all the time. I was also aware of the flicker on British TV. The worst was lamps at Niagra Falls in Canada where the house current was 25Hz.

On 7/14/2018 1:04 PM, Geoffrey Thomas wrote:
I've bought some cheap led lamps (1w) for use as night lights on the landings, they actually provide useful normal levels but they do "strobe". This is only apparent when you move your hand close to them. I see blue and yellow flashes out of the corner of my eye when i blink under certain types of fluorescent lighting.
Richard Knoppow

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