Low cost Scope-Mobile alternatives?

Al Holt

I'd like to get my 7603 'scope onto some sort of roll around cart, but I'd like to see if it can be done within some sort of reasonable price range. This is just for getting the thing from room to room around my house and not in any professional workplace.

Do you think one of those 3-tier wire shelving units might work, and work well? The cheapest thing I've come across is a $19 wire shelf at WalMart, but it would have to have threaded casters added to get it mobile. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hyper-Tough-3-Tier-Rack-Black/143377471 is what they have. I'm not sure if the legs will take 'standard' threaded casters, though.

There are lots of alternatives, it would be nice to find one that is known to work well.

Ideas? Thanks for the help!!


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