Re: Owon SDS7102 Deep Memory Digital Storage Oscilloscope


Do as old TV show did - YOU control the horizontal - time sweep and vertical - input scale.

Does the scope have "trace locator" button?
Use it to center a "point " on screen.

Does the cope has "calibration" output ?  Usually on back panel.
Usually 1kHz / +- x mV.

Set everything which has "automatic" to that.
Optionally - set the "input" to "ground" and move the trace to center of screen.
Inputs are usually "DC ground AC " coupled.Than select "DC" as input.

Hook your probe to calibration output and
adjust the "horizontal" to mS  range  ( 1kHz = 1mS ).

Adjust "vertical"  until you see " stripe " of trace.

Now set the vertical triggering  to manual and set trigger slope - to trigger on positive or negative edge of the calibration signal. Does not matter as long as the "trace " is steady.

Now you have a working scope triggered by a calibration signal. 

End of lesson 101

On Friday, July 6, 2018, 5:38:00 PM CDT, Vince A <vince83687@...> wrote:

Morning Gentleman

Well I finally bit the bullet and bought a 100mghz Scope. Now I need to
learn how to use it. :)  Is there a oscilloscope for dummies book out there
or just some quick pointers you guys would like share with me? I am sure
a'll have a LOT of questions but I don't have a clue what to do next and
what all the fancy controls could or should do for me? I am mostly into
vacuum tube audio and some solid state electronics. The package did come
with some really nice probes and almost like a very small jewelers type of
screwdriver driver? And Manuel

What I would like to do first with this is to measure the Pre-amp signal of
the 12AT7 to see if i am getting a clean signal to the output of my first
pair of 6L6 tube amp I built using Russian output tubes. And if not, how
could I clean that up by doing other things to get the signal better though
the path? I don't learn very well by reading books guys, I am more of a
hands on guy. When I read books, the pages melt into each other after about
2 pages. So reading online is much better for me. That is why I like the
combined knowledge here.

How did you guys learn how to use a Scope? How did you go about getting
familiar with a Scope?  What was your very first Scope? This is my VERY
first Scope of anything guys.
Thanks loads
Vince :)
-vince :")
Thank you for your reply
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