Re: SC504 Gain Knob Removal

tom jobe <tomjobe@...>

Hi Larry,
Your question got me wondering about this, so I took the side cover off of an SC504 to have a look.
The service manual mechanical parts diagram shows the knob has a longer part that goes back into the Channel switch so I looked to see if there was a screw or other fastening device back inside of the scope. I removed the plastic rod that goes through the knob assembly by disconnecting it at the aluminum collar on the VAR switch, and then the knob just fell out for some reason. I put the knob back in and then it would not come out again. So I nervously pried and pulled and got it back out again without damaging it.
A study of the knob shaft showed no locking mechanisms of any kind, so I rubbed a very thin smear of Johnson's paste wax on the knob shaft extension and put it back in. After that the knob slid in and out nicely and the only thing holding the knob in is the 1/8" fiberglass VAR shaft and small VAR knob in the center of the knob in question.
I guess the knob was just stuck from being in there for 30 or 40 years plastic on plastic?
Do be careful about a very thin aluminum washer that is on the knob's rear shaft extension, as it would be very easy to drop that washer into the scope. My guess is that this washer is part of the spacing arrangement that keeps the lettering on the back side of the knob skirt from hitting the front panel and getting damaged, and it also might keep the two plastic parts from rubbing on each other at the knob extension / attenuator surfaces?
tom jobe...
PS I wonder if one drop of water could be put in from the side where the knob shaft extension goes into the attenuator assembly to break it free as you wiggled the knob to spread it around? You would want to be very careful about anything you put in there, as the short and long term effects on the plastic parts could be devastating.

On 7/6/2018 11:30 AM, Larry McDavid wrote:
I have a SC504 scope module with a damaged Channel 1 knob skirt and I have a Tek replacement skirted knob. I can remove the small red central knob by loosening a set screw.

How is the skirted knob removed? I've tried gently pulling on it without success. The knob has a long plastic shaft with some internal ribs to fit over another shaft but I don't know how the knob is attached.

Anyone done this?

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