Re: Questions about TM mainframes with Option 2

Dave Casey

You have some conflicting terms.

The 5Axx modules are 5000 series oscilloscope amplifier plugins. They are
not compatible with the TM500/TM5000 series mainframes.

The AM502 is a TM500 plugin. It is not compatible with the 5000 series
oscilloscopes. Some TM500 plugins are not compatible with the TM5000 series
because of power supply issues. There are only a couple of these and they
are listed in the manuals for the TM5000 series mainframes. Most of the
TM5000 series plugins are not compatible with the TM500 series mainframes,
but there are some exceptions to this as well.

For a given TM500/TM5000 plug-in, the manual will have a section on the
rear interface connections. Any connection listed there can be wired to a
rear panel BNC or Dsub connector on the Option 02/Option 12 mainframes.
Sometimes you must move an internal jumper in the plug-in to route the
signal to the rear interface instead of the front panel. It's all in the

Dave Casey

On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 5:49 AM, PHB via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Hi all, first post here.

I'm looking to set up a TM 5000 series mainframe and trying to sort out
the compatibility gotchas before I "pull the trigger" on one of these.

My main interest is in the differential amplifier plugins. I do mostly
audio work and these are the ones I am thinking about:


Question #1) Will the AM502 work in a 5000 series mainframe? (there seems
to be conflicting information about whether or not 500 series plugins work
in 5000 series mainframes)

Question #2) If I get a 5000 series mainframe with Option 2 (w/ the BNC
connector panel on the back of the unit), would I be able to wire from an
A5xx plugin's single ended output to a BNC connector on the back panel, and
then connect this to a standard o-scope input?

My understanding is that Tek 5000 series scopes' baseline sensitivity is
10 mV/division, so I'm assuming I can set my scope to 10 mV/division, hook
up the BNC out (wired to the A5xx plugin's output) from the back of the TM
5000 series mainframe and just plug it into my scope. Does this sound right?

I really appreciate any advice you have about this.

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