Re: MEDIA MAIL (Re: [TekScopes] I have two Tek manuals I don't think I need)

Vince A <vince83687@...>

You got to be vigilant at the PO, know before you go! Google and asking
questions here really helps you out. If it sounds fishy go back another day
or see another PO. Use a different guy/girl on another day at the PO.
Vince :)

-vince :")
Thank you for your reply
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On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 9:13 AM, David Berlind <> wrote:

So, just fyi.. I went back to the PO and asked "What about the media mail
option?" ... Bascially, it was "Oh, that? $3.17" (for what was originally
$11.80). Pretty shocked that, like Dave says, they neglected to offer that
option in the first place when I requested "least expensive shipping

On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 2:38 PM, Artekmedia <>

They are trained NOT to tell you. You have to ASK for it or as the
previous poster said it is available through PayPal shipping includes
tracking. Tell them it just a "manuscript" and DO NOT INCLUDE any
correspondence. You put a one page letter in there and suddenly it is a
class mail

For a description google is your friend


On 6/26/2018 1:40 PM, John Griessen wrote:

On 06/26/2018 11:26 AM, David Berlind wrote:

what is "media mail?" when I go to the post office, they offer me a
of options.. but "media mail" is not one of them.
use paypal shipnow to get a label for media mail with a little extra


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