Re: 2215 avoiding future CRT damage


So my CRT / filament is cooked then, by now, after nearly 40 years of use...
oh well... not much I can do about it, but at least if I find the trace too
dim at fast sweep speeds (haven't checked specifically for that yet), I will
know why and won't waste trying to "fix"/troubleshoot something that just
can't be cured ! :-(
At the time we had a simple procedure at our Field Office to determine
if the CRT should be replaced or not. I don't recall if it was an official procedure
or something we came up locally. We set the T/B to the fastest sweep speed with
X10 Magnifier, Hold Off to max, Auto Trig and no input signal. If the trace could
be seen with Intensity set to max , even just quite dim, the CRT was considered OK.


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