Re: 7854 readout does not conform to specification? (7L5 problem)


On Mon, Jul 2, 2018 at 01:03 pm, Nenad Filipovic wrote:

I wonder if all 7L5s (including ones with new digital boards) suffer from
this problem in 7854. I already lost weeks trying to fix this and I'm quite
disappointed. Conversion to make 7854 capture 7L5 spectrums was piece of
cake, but this "tiny" readout bug is a nightmare if you make a lot of
average level measurements.

If anybody has any hints or extra documentation on 7854 readout, I'd
appreciate any help...
This problem was addressed In a WW (Wizards Workshop) article from 2-85 which
said it was fixed by Mod 50646. It is only a change of one resistor value in the 7L5:
Change R2340 on the Vertical Board (A200A2) from 150k to 49.9k.

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