Re: If you had $1, 000 to buy a 100 MHz scope...


On Fri, 29 Jun 2018 at 12:45 Pete Lancashire <> wrote:

I'm trying to break the habit of buying old scopes. I'm looking for
suggestions 100 megahertz or better, 4 channels, supports a mode where
multiple pulses are shown over and over again and shows Distortion errors.
I would say that's the one unique thing.

So what would members of this is esteamed group suggest.

And older tek scope that is higher, TDS784D for example or a new Tek /
keysight / Regal
My TDS784D is only turned on when I need the bandwidth or one of its
features, I'll usually reach for the 2467 or the HP54622D - in that order
of preference.

If Rigol is under consideration, you may want to also look at the Siglents.
For $1k you can get the 4 channel SDS1104X-E <> model with the 16
channel logic probe & analyzer. Alternatively you could go for the 200MHz
model inside $1k. I believe Siglent throws in all manner of serial
decoders, which is a nice bonus.
Disclaimer: I've never used a Siglent scope, and I've not read the one
thorough looking review I found <>.

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