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i have the papier version for en After 25000   ,but it conversation before modèles ,to repair power rails you need to switch through all the Book ,but à good start is how PS operates ,then go to schematics, if you want i will make photos , John

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Le Albert Otten <>, 29 juin 2018 8:04 PM a écrit :

On Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 07:35 am, musicamex wrote:

Does anyone have a clearer copy of the access board layout?  Maybe an
photo of that page?  The only ones that I have downloaded so far are all
impossible to read.  Thanks!  Russ
Hi Russ, you mean board A9? I can send you 2 jpg's at 1200 dpi of about
6.5 MB each. Enlargeable until you have the screen almost filled with one
component number. When you reply via Private I have your e-mail address
and can send it as attachment.
BTW the original is rather vague also. There are several "partial" board
layouts in the manual at which components involved in the next
schematic(s) are shown in bold while other components are vague. Bad luck
that Tek didn't do so for the Power schematic.


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