Re: Tek push-button lettering using pressing iron transfer of laser printed text on non-sticking paper

Richard Knoppow

I think you can buy protective lacquer that will not cause the printing to bloom or smudge. Scotch Magic Tape is pretty tough but I wonder of the lacquer is better. I've used ink jet decal material to make new labels for a J-36 bug key made by Lionel. The original labels were made of cellulose and are usually shrunken and disintegrating, if they are there at all. I used a lacquer I bought were I got the decal paper. Put the decals on a piece of white plastic sheet and coated them. This was several years ago, they look original and have not degraded. However, they are not touched constantly like a key top.

On 6/19/2018 12:17 PM, Reed Dickinson wrote:
Hi Gang:
I generated script on my computer that most closely matched the script on the 485's I work on then print the result on laser approved decal paper.  I run the paper through the laser printer several times to ensure adequate fusing.  The paper is available at Kinkos, Office Depot or other suppliers.  I use the kind that transfers when wet.  I cover the tops of the decals on the buttons with Scotch tape and carefully trim the edges with a sharp scalpel after the decal is fully dry.
Reed Dickinson
Richard Knoppow

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