Re: Repairing plated through holes.


About 50 years ago I purchased an eyelet press from Kepco, a company that then sold printed circuit board materials. At the time they offered a variety of different diameter rivets, of different lengths, and in both copper and brass. The press came with a number of special tips needed for the different size rivets. I was later able to fabricate special tips to also set Vector, rivet-type terminals.

Unfortunately, as a previous contributor has remarked, these eyelets almost always eventually gave trouble if not carefully soldered to the foil on both sides. Even soldered eyelets sometimes gave trouble, probably because, as another has mentioned, you need a little space under the head for solder to properly flow.

In looking at the press, I saw something I had never noticed before. The press was made in Italy by United Shoe Machinery, the company that made eyeletting machinery for the shoe industry and the original developer of the pop-rivet.

Bruce, KG6OJI

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