Re: S6 Sampling Head Bridge Cavity Question


On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 11:42 pm, Dennis Tillman W7PF wrote:

I have absolutely no idea how you tell when either of the two output barrels
are touching the substrate. The only way I think Tek did it was by applying
strobe signals and monitoring the output on the center conductor of the
barrels. As I turned them I kept hoping for some change in resistance
between the center conductor of the barrel and the 5 pins that go into the
cavity. I never got a reading of any kind. In the end I failed to get any
output at all from the head when I was done. It was dead.
This from a Maintenance Note from June 74:
In the past the S-6 Sampling Head has had an Intermittent problem in the Hybrid Bridge Circuit.
The center conductor of the 3mm connector on the front panel connects directly to the bridge sub-strate
via a mechanical spring loaded plunger. The Intermittent output Is caused by the plunger. Norm Farmer of
the Rockvllle Service Center has suggested a field fix which entails cleaning the plunger. When you re-Install
the spring and plunger make sure the plunger is free enough not to bind up when pushed all the way Inside
the center connector, yet not so free that it will fall out when you turn the connector upside down. This
practice insures that the center connector makes good contact with the plunger. The front 3mm connector
will be the only one you probably will have to be concerned about. You will need a wrench to remove the
3mm connector. You can do this by increasing the width slightly of a 3/16th open-ended wrench
The 3mm connector spring and plunger are not shown In the S-6 manual. The part number for the spring
is 214-1072-00, and the plunger Is PN 131-0632-00.//


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