Re: Up to date capacitor list for Tek 2465A and 2465B scopes (2018)


I only have a short minute but want to post this.  I will comment more on your other posts later when I have more time.
All Tektronix documentation has the physical locations of C1115 and C1132 interchanged.  You may want to update your documentation of PCB layout to show these two capacitors interchanged.  The power supply will not work if you install new capacitors based on the Tektronix documentation for these two parts.  You can verify the proper positions with your ohm meter.  C1115 positive terminal must connect to L1115.

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C1132    10 µF    160    ELCTLT        10 µF    160    Nichicon PW
I pulled out a 250uf 20v from this location

C1115    250 µF    20    ELCTLT        330 µF    50    Panasonic EB
I pulled out a 10uf 160v from this location

I seem to remember reading this is also an error in the documentation.
Also can I use a 20v 330uf cap for C1132 or is the 50V better? I'm just remembering what Menahem said about larger caps...

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