Re: Up to date capacitor list for Tek 2465A and 2465B scopes (2018)


Its mostly correct, but I found an error, maybe two.

C1065 .056 µF 250 MTLZD .056 µF 300 Vishay Polyester Film 399-7635-ND
The lead spacing is to wide for the replacement part. Should be 7.62mm but the part is 14.50mm. I could not find a part that fits from Kemet or Vishay @ Digi-key.

C1050 0.22 µF 400 PLSTC 0.22 400 Kemet Polyester 495-4473-ND
The lead spacing is not far enough, are you adding tinned copper wire to lengthen the lead or is this a mistake?

C1130 10 µF 100 ELCTLT 10 µF 160 Nichicon PW 493-11888-3-ND
Link bring up minimum quantity of 500, I think you can use this link instead ?
FYI I ordered these and they sent the wrong part. I will find out sometime tomorrow if they have corrected the issue and post an update.

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