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Raymond Cote

Just might have. I was 627 and 654 blue. Remember Franco and occasionally caught some marine or sailors drunk on the beach. A shot in the head was the punishment. I was in Scotland when there was a fire in the brig of the tender (forget which one, maybe the Canopus)and we lost a few sailors). We had to fire up the reactor and haul ass away from the danger just in case. Fastest I ever saw the nucs move. Maybe 67?

While in Rota, one if our bombers accidentally dropped a “big”!weapon and it made world news. Don’t know dates. Of course google has no info in either event but it was talked about everywhere.

Interesting times.

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Interesting: Our paths may have crossed ... Home was the GCM Blue so we went the same places. I was in Roto when Franco died my last deployment.

Thanks for the welcome brother -- Joel

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About (Hiroshima)-- I would not say everyone at least in the USA; most do not know who are presidents past of the USA !!

Hi, my name is Joel and I have been reading the group messages for some time now and enjoy them. I was a sonar technician (Submarines)in the US Navy sometime ago, very early (1970's). Now retired I am drawn back to playing with the "TRONS". It is easy to see there is a abundance of knowledge here. I look forward to being guided by the group on some projects.


Hi Joel. Welcome to the group from another bubble head. I was a SINS technician, navy center late 60’s early 70’s. Operated Rota Spain and Holy Lock Scotland. Interesting work, interesting times.

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