Re: What removes sticker residue without hurting the blue paint?

Richard Knoppow

FWIW, the contents of brand name solvents like Ronsonol are in their MSDS available via the web. The MSDS also usually list the CAS numbers of the constituents.
There are some tutorials on solvents on the web. They are classified in various ways such as polar (will mix with water) and non-polar (will not mix with water). These are helpful in finding out what they will dissolve.
I use naphtha on camera shutters, its a good degreaser. Ronsonol seems to be quite pure and does not leave a residue but is more expensive than naphtha from the paint store.
I had not known that Bestine thinner was hexane. That's useful to know because hexane is a good solvent for a number of things. I have not bought Bestine for some time but think the last I got was in an art supply store.
I think I will take your word for the cool flame part.

On 6/13/2018 2:33 PM, Chuck Harris wrote:
Naptha is a very non aggressive burning solvent.
It is what fire eaters squirt in their mouths to
"breath fire". You can dip your hand in it, and
light it off, and all that happens is a cool flame.
I can't lay the same claim for coleman fuel, or white
gas, which are hexane and septane. VM&P Naptha and
Ronsin lighter fluid are the same, and are always very
-Chuck Harris
Richard Knoppow

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