Re: What removes sticker residue without hurting the blue paint?

Dave Voorhis

I’ve had good luck removing labels, label gunk, and other surface contamination with Clutch & Brake cleaner, like this:

Initially, I was concerned that it would melt plastic or remove paint, but after experiments on stray bits, I’ve not found any evidence of harm and now use it without concern.

I’ve used it on cases, plastic meter lenses, buttons, knobs, etc.

On 12 Jun 2018, at 14:44, David Berlind <david@...> wrote:

I second the naptha (lighter fluid) suggestion (although I haven't used it
on paint). I had a Simpson multimeter that had a price tag affixed to its
plastic lens for what was probably many years […] When I got home, I applied the lighter fluid with a q-tip and the
adhesive came of beautifully with no damage to the lens.

On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 9:33 AM, Phillip Potter <p.potter@... <mailto:p.potter@...>>

For what it’s worth, after scrubbing the covers on my filthy 453 with a
Scotch Brite pad and IPA (the only thing that would cut the slime!), they
had a matte appearance. After consulting the “Tek Brain Trust,” I wiped
them down with WD-40 to return a shiny lustrous appearance. It helped (not
harmed) the blue Tek paint.

Now, my 453 “Shines like a dime!”

Phil, N6OMM

On Jun 11, 2018, at 11:06 PM, Adam <adam_alterman@...> wrote:

I have good success removing sticker residue with WD-40, but cannot
vouch for it’s safety on TEK blue paint.

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