Re: What removes sticker residue without hurting the blue paint?

Chuck Harris

If you soak acrylic plastics in denatured alcohol for more than
about a minute, it will form great cracks at every stress point.

US denatures its ethanol by adding poisons that will make you
blind if you drink it, and sick if it gets on your skin...

Tax cheats must be punished!

The UK, on the other hand, colors their denatured alcohol a
pretty violet color, and housewives everywhere use it as a

Check out the comments section for Barrettine Methylated Spirit:


-Chuck Harris

stefan_trethan wrote:

I use denatured alcohol (denatured with denatonium benzoate) and found
it safe on all plastics, but I have been told the stuff in the US can
be denatured with methanol or even gasoline so be careful.

Somewhere between ethanol and acetone in terms of strength is ethyl
acetate. I don't have enough experience to advise on paint

The oil method and citrus based remover work well too, but the citurs
smell can be a bit strong.


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