Re: Help with a TEK 502 scope


Hi Albert,

I have been reading in both the forum and the internet and I found quite interesting info like this page:
Unfortunately, I do not have 2 HV windings, in fact I have 3. I have 3 diode tubes in the secondary...

In this forum however I have not found a clear procedure, I found several links to a previous Yahoo group but I can not access.

I will try to upload photos in that way - thanks for the advice : )

I looked in Ebay and only found a 300USD with another 250USD of shippings, as in the programming fiel, it is out of range... and in bad shape

Anyway, any idea about:
1. Anyone who sell one for parts or just the parts
2. Rewinding it

Thanks for all this support, you are such a nice guys!

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