Re: Help with a TEK 502 scope

Albert Otten

Rewinding (and its issues!) HV transformers has very often been discussed in this group. You might search the forum for old messages. A nasty circumstance is that you have 2 HV secondary windings which preferably should be wound bifilar. I recently rewound a 491 HV transformer which had just one HV winding -- far easier. And even then I had to repeat this until I had the proper technique and materials! I would go for a scratch 502A.
You can upload photos via the website. Go to the Photos section and click New Album et cetera. Or add photos to an existing album when that is allowed by the owner. If you refer to a photo then please add a link in the message since there is no good search facility in the Photos section.


Always is the pòsibility of buying anothger one for parts but, what about
rewinding it?

Has anyone done that? is it posible?

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