Re: What removes sticker residue without hurting the blue paint?

Chuck Harris

Goo gone is not aqueous. It is more like terpene,
made from the citrus, with mineral oil added to
prevent re-adhesion of the stickum.

The mineral oil component will separate out, and if
you are using a pump type bottle, it will come out
all at once... and will not remove the label, only
make an oily mess. So, do shake well before use.

-Chuck Harris

Larry McDavid wrote:

I agree with Rick K8EZB that Goo Gone, the citrus-based product, is a good choice for
removing many labels. I let the label soak for 30 minutes (Goo Gone is aqueous so it
evaporates slowly) and then work to remove the label. If there is substantial paper
label remaining, an "orange stick" or even a fingernail can remove the paper,
followed by more soaking in Goo Gone. Finally, a soft cotton shop or kitchen towel
can remove the remaining adhesive residue. Using a typical kitchen paper towel too
vigorously can scuff the paint. I've even used cotton balls in critical areas.

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