Re: OT: AT5005 spectrum analyzer display

Ed Breya

I fooled around with this a little more today. The CRT HV stuff seems to be about right, and I bypassed the video (blanking) amplifier, with no change in intensity. Instead of getting buried in details, I decided to take a drastic measure and just jumpered the G1-K on the CRT - this would allow maximum (or excessive) beam current and the brightest trace possible. Still no effect, so it looks like this one is a goner, but will be an ideal candidate for CRT rejuvenation experiments. Next time I'm inclined to fool around with the rejuvenator, I'll give it a shot and see what happens, but for now I'll set it aside. I probably have a socket that will fit, and just need to get the heater voltage spec for this tube, and some time.


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