Tektronix 2465. Odd wave pattern superimposed on waveforms.

John Osborne

Greetings to all.
I have recently purchased a non-working Tektronix 2465 (not A or B). Having carefully recapped the power supply which was blowing fuses due to leaky mains input filter capacitors I am left with an unusual fault.

The scope displays a good sine wave on all inputs. But superimposed on the perfect sine wave is a rippling wave that travels from right to left in quick succession. Perhaps 6 waves per second. It does not distort the sine wave in any way but travels along the wave on both the top and bottom edge of the trace. The wave is much lower in intensity than the sine wave displayed but is very noticeable.
Perhaps a common issue so please excuse me as I am new to this group.

Many thanks and best wishes to all.


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