Help with a TEK 502 scope HV transformer


Dear all,

I am new in this group, so I would like to greet all of you.

I am restoring an old tek 502 scope.
I have change death tubes, and check everything and now it powers up. Power supply works, fan works, everything seems to work except the HV power supply.
Its CRT looks like new, it has good heater and has not lost its vacuum.

However, the HV flyback transformer has a shorted winding and it makes sparks - really nice for a chritsmas tree but, definetely, not for a tek scope.
I have been doing a bit of research and I realize it has the same trafo as a tek 502A scope (I do not know why). In fact, it has 3 rectifier tubes.

The option I see are:
1. Acquire a new working transformer. If any of you has one and wants to sell it, I am interested.
2. Restoring it. As it is cover in wax, it semms difficult not to brake this little wire.
3. Manufacturing a new one. I do not know how to do it, so I would need your help.

Here I would need your help to continue with the restauration. How would you solve this problem?

Waiting for your help!!
Thanks a million!
PS_1. If you tell me how, I would upload here several pictures of it.
PS_2. I have write another post with the same info, but I lost it. Forgive me, it is my first day here : )

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